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Our Beloved Buckeroo Son

Little Kings Blanco Buckeroo            aka    Blanco

A beautiful genetic tested perlino, born June 19, 2007.  He is AMHA parentage qualified and AMHR registered.  Blanco is sired by none other than Boones Little Buckeroo more info on him below, out of Boones BTU Mindy who was sired by the late great Ima Boones Little Buckeroo Too, also known as BTU.  BTU is the 1996 World Grand Champion Senior Stallion, also winning the Get of Sire Award in 2005.  This makes Blanco 56.25% Buckeroo and 14.06% Gold Melody Boy who is Buckeroo's grandsire.  Blanco has eight generations of registered horses with other greats like Buckeroos Top Cat, Polaris Light Vant Huttenest and Little Hoofs Midget Mite just to name a few. 


Baby Blanco above.

The above two are Boones Little Buckeroo & Boones BTU Mindy (Dad & Mom)


Both above pictures are Ima Boones Little Buckeroo Too ( BTU )


Blanco is built very nice with a beautiful head, he's super friendly, with a willing nature that wants to please. He was trained at Ten L Training Center to drive and he really moves nice and handles great.  He just loves his job! 

 The above two photos was taken at Ten L Training Center, thanks for all your help.

I would like to thank Olive Branch Farm for the golden opportunity of fulfilling my dream of owning this fine fellow.  Blanco is the most treasured horse on the farm!!!  Thanks again, everyone!!!

Blanco was genetic tested as a homozygous (EE) black, which means he will always produce black based foals regardless of his mate color, so no cremellos or sorrels.  Being a perlino he is a double dilute horse which means he will always pass a copy of the cream gene to his foals.  Blanco tested heterozygous ( Aa ) agouti so he will have a fifty present chance of passing on the black pigment point, not quite the 100% buckskin maker I was hoping for but close enough. 

Here is a list of some mare color's with a percentage of foal's colors from Animal Genetics coat color calculator, check out more color possibilities at under Equine Services .  

Bay - 87.50% buckskin, 12.50% smoky black

Perlino - 87.50% perlino, 12.50% smoky cream

Sorrel - 75.00% Buckskin, 25.00% smoky black

Cremello - 75.00% perlino, 25.00% smoky cream

Black - 50.00% buckskin, 50.00% smoky black

Buckskin - 43.75% buckskin or perlino, 6.25% smoky black or smoky cream

Palomino - 37.50% buckskin or perlino or 12.50% smoky black or smoky cream

Smoky Black - 25.00% buckskin or perlino or smoky black or smoky cream

Smoky Cream - 50.00% perlino, 50.00% smoky cream



The Legendary Boones Little Buckeroo


I thought since lots of our miniatures lead to this famous horse we should give some info about him.  Then maybe people that our new to minis can see why we love him so much.   


Growing up I remember seeing pictures of this very beautiful horse. I would be playing with my miniature horse brother who was white with the bluest eyes ever and a soft grey nose. I would pretend he was the famous Boones Little Buckeroo or other times I would pretend he was as famous, winning at everything I could come up with as a child.  Then, one day a guy stopped by the house and wanted to buy my little horse brother, he must have offered a pretty price because I had to beg my parents not to sell My Little Brother and you know it worked they didn't, but from then on I didn't want to pretend he was quite so famous, just in case!  LOL!!!


At the time I was not even thinking it would be possible to see him in person, let alone own one of his sons, after all he was a Grand Champion Stallion that sold for a whopping $100,000 in the early 80's, that once had a broken leg and usually that is devastating for both the horse and owner, successful recoveries then was few and far between.  But with the determination of his owner at the time it happened, Lowell Boone and Buckeroo's great big heart, this special buckskin miniature horse not only recovered fully but managed to win his third National Grand Champion Stallion title the next year (1983).   At the time Buckeroo was the highest selling Miniature horse in the industry and than paid the initial  investment off with his first year of foals.  That's an amazing story right, but this mighty fellow isn't done yet, here's more highlights.  


Breyer Model Horses made one of Buckeroo in 2002.  Not very many Miniature Horses get Breyer Models done of them, what an honor.  I think they did a fine job.


This extraordinary stallion has an amazing number of registered foals nearly 400 with the American Miniature Horse Association. Buckeroo has produced an astounding number of show winning get, so no wonder he has won FOUR National Champion Get of Sire titles over the years.  He is the sire or grandsire of NINE World Grand Champion Senior Stallion, no other stallion in the miniature horse industry can be found in that many pedigresss of titled horses.  It's no wonder Buckeroo is one of the most influential stallions in the breed!!!  


          A collage of some of Buckeroo's sons just so you can see some of his get.

Buckeroo's horse family tree;    


Buckeroo's mother Johnston's Vanilla, with her sire Gold Melody Boy, making him Buckeroo's Grandsire, very beautiful you can see the likeness that's for sure.                                    

Baby Buckeroo born May 22, 1978 and his father Poplar Lanes Sampson.


 On May 10, 2011 just twelve days short of being 33 years old, Buckeroo was laid to rest. 


This phenomenal stallion keeps on buckin'  thru all his gorgeous offspring.

Let the legend continue...