Mini Wonders Farm Of WV

If all goes well we should have a foal from Smoothie and Lover this summer. 

Our Foals

Blanco & Brandy's foal

MAY 2, 2014 @11:57 p.m., It's a colt!!!    We had the longest minutes of our life's, due to our first red bag delivery.  Time went so slow that I thought sure we would lose this little guy.  Although it seemed like to long of time went by for the foal to live, he did with little to no help from us.  I cried happy tears of unbelievable relieve that we got this little guy out in the nick of time.

Perlino or smoky cream, I'll have him color tested to find out which.  He measured just a little over 20"  with a 6.50" canon bone.  Brandy carried him for 347 days.  He is very lively after his rocky start in this world.  


Out in the grass for the first time at 5days old. He pawed at the grass and then rolled in it a couple times, just having a ball.  This picture is about the only one we got he wasn't moving so much in.

He's a real sweetheart at 5 weeks, greets us with a whinny, handles very well, we had him out taken pics for his paper work.  You can almost see him smile, LOL!!!

His name is  Blanco Zorro ( white fox) and he tested perlino just like his daddy.



Born May 23, 2010 at 1:35 a.m., with a 8" canon bone and he measured 23.75" tall at birth.  He's a buckskin appaloosa with mottled pink and black skin in places, but no spots yet.  His Mother is Candy on our mares page and his father is Topper on our stallions page.  We are very proud of Topper!  Brisco is an easy guy to work with, at times I think he was born already trained for the basics and he's super friendly, gives me a greeting every morning.


                                                    Born June 26, 2010 at 336 days.  In the early evening hours, just before feeding time.  That was something after the other mares this year seemed to like the very early hours of the day.  Comet had a 6.25 inch canon bone and measured 19.75" at birth.  His mother is Josie on our mares page and his father is Rusty a Boones Little Buckeroo & Johnstons Gold Boy grandson .  Comet has to be our sweetest one of the bunch, he's always looking for someone to love on.