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All of our horse's pedigrees can be seen at just type in their full name or copy and paste.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

I will give package deals if you see a couple or more you like, just ask to find out about prices.


The horses below are registered with World Class Miniature Horse Registy, Inc. and/or Gold Seal Miniature Horse Registry Corp., which has now been closed.


                                        4 GS SIMPLE SAM     aka     SAM

Sam is a 2005 GSMHR type A 30.5", gelding.  His sire is 4 G's Poco Loco and his dam is Southfork Farms Little Joanna.  Sam's great grandsire is none other than Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy!  Sam is a real nice little guy that's easy to work with, friendly, & great with kids.  PLUS, he is broke to drive, a very willing worker and traffic safe.  $600.00




Ace is a 2007, WCMHR, dark bay gelding, around 31inches tall.  All we know about Ace's background is he's from a farm that was raising registried AMHA horses.  Ace knows the basics and is on his way to being a cart horse.  $400.00


Prince is a 2008, WCMHR, silver dapple gelding, under 32 inches tall. His sire is 4 G's Yessiree and his dam is 4 G's Fashionable Red Velvet. Prince's bloodlines include Dels Prince Charley, Sligo Little Stormy, Sligo Sam, Dell Teras Little Joe, Dels Little Man (2x's) Dels Scout II, Sawmill Josh, Hemlock Brooks Tom Thumb, Dell Teras Moon Man (2x's), Stouts Mister Pride (2x's), Dels Fancy Dude, Goforth Little Bit, just to name a few. Prince is a nice boy, knows the basics.  Would make a great driving horse.  He is super friendly, easy to work with, and loves attention.  Doesn't bite or kick.  Started cart training.  $400.00



 4 GS PRINCESS SHEENA  aka  SANDY     For Sale $350.00

Sandy is a 2001, silver bay, GSMHR & WCMHR type B mini, meaning over 34 inches but under 38 inches tall. Sandy is closer to 38". Her sire is 4 G's Real Hot. Sandy's bloodlines include Hemlock Brooks Tom Thumb, Dell Teras Moon Man, Stouts Mister Pride, Stouts Mona Lisa, Sawmill Josh, Dels Fancy Dude, Goforth Little Bit, Orange Light Vant Huttenest, Fishers Tiny Nero with lots of Four Generations breeding.  Sandy is pictured with her 2007 colt by Lightening.  This mare is a great mother has had two foals for us and left open the rest of the time by our choice. Her last foal (2010) was a filly that didn't make it out of the sack, not her fault, but mine.  This mare is very sneaky around foaling time, likes to catch you off guard that's for sure.  She is a nice mare but would rather be left alone unless you have feed or treats.

                                                                                                                                                     4 GS LADY MADDIE GRACE  aka  MADDIE    For sale $300.00

Maddie is a 2006, WCMHR, grullo, around 34". Her sire is 4 G's Outlaw and her dam is 4 G's Fashionable Bownie. Maddie has lots of Four Gererations breeding, some of her other bloodlines include Evans Midas, Dell Teras Moon Man, Hemlock Brooks Tom Thumb, Sawmill Josh, Goforth Little Bit and Dels Fancy Dude just to name a few. She hasn't had much work done with her.  She ties, leads, clips, brushes & working on picking up feet.   She is a little bit shy, so wouldn't be good for small children around unless you are careful and give her time, she isn't mean, just afraid.  We are working on this and she is coming around nicely.  She has had a colt for us and was never bred back by our choice.