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Our Mares

All of our horses pedigree's can be seen at just type in their full name.


JUS B COZ CANDILICIOUS    aka   COZ  (cause I had to have her)

This lovely mare is AMHA (PQ'D) & AMHR around 33 inches tall.  Her sire is none other than Little Kings Techno Buck out of Sweetwaters Little Lady Fran.  Coz is a grand daughter to the famous Boones Little Buckeroo.  Other great horses in her pedigree are Hemlock Brooks Egyptain King, Gold Melody Boy, Komokos Little King Supreme, just to name a few. 



 LITTLE KINGS TECHNO BUCK a beautiful perlino son of the late great Boones Little Buckeroo.



Brandy is a 2005, AMHA (PQ), around 32 inches tall.  She is a smokey black pinto.  Her sire is Boones Little Buckeroo Cody.  Her dam is Libertys Double Brandy.  Brandy is a grand daughter of Boones Little Buckeroo and Komokos Brandy Wine.  She is double Boones Little Buckeroo and Gold Melody Boy.  Some others in her pedigree are Buckeroos Little Master, Komokos Little Champ, Komokos Bo Weavel, Komokos Little Skipper, Komokos Little Hussler.  As you can see she has a lot of Komoko breeding.  Brandy has 56 registered AMHA horses to back her up.  She is a very sweet mare, easy to work with. 



                  Komokos Brandy Wine & Komokos Little Skipper

                   Buckeroos Little Master & Boones Little Buckeroo





Brandys Sirprize A Ritzy Dreamer   aka   Ritzy     

Ritzy is a AMHA (PQ) silver bay pinto. A daughter of Alamos Sirs Im A Dreamer  & our Brandy, have a look at her up above. Ritzy was born here on April 21, 2010, with a 6.50 inch canon bone and measured 20" tall at birth.  This beautiful little girl has turned out every bit as nice as we hoped for.  She measures around 28.50 inches tall.  Her bloodlines include greats like her grandsire Cross Countrys Call Me Sir a 1995 Reserve National Grand Champion Senior Stallion, Lazy N Red Boy, Rowdy 3x's, Alamos Locomotion Dream Weaver a 1996 Reserve Grand Champion Junior Mare, Little Kings Locomotion a 1991 Reserve National Grand Champion Senior Stallion, & Boones Little Buckeroo 3x's making her 21.87% Buckeroo.  Ritzy has 85 registered horses in her pedigree, that's nine generations with many other greats.

Alamos Sirs Im A Dreamer and his sire Cross Country Call Me Sir.


Lazy N Redboy and his sire the immortal Rowdy, sire of 24 National Titled horses.

Alamos Locomotion Dream Weaver and her sire Locomotion who was sired by Buckeroo.




Carah is a 2010 AMHA (PQ) bay around 33.50 inches.  I got this girl DNA test for PQ and found out that her sire is Reeces Thunder Bay.  Her dam is Silver Plates Baccarra Bight Eyes.  Both parents giving her some outstanding lineage with all kinds of greats.  Carah is a grand-daughter to the 2000 National Grand Champion Senior Stallion Little Kings Buckeroo Baccarra. Other super horses are grandsire Reeces Thunder Hawk a National Champion, 4 G's Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure a Reserve National Champion Get Of Sire, Alvaders Double Destiny the 1998 AMHA National Grand Champion Senior Stallion and 2011 AMHA World Grand Champion Get of Sire Winner for the third time.  And of course Boones Little Buckeroo 3Xs which makes her 17.19% Buckeroo.  Here is the impressive part she has Gold Melody Boy 8Xs in her pedigree thru some of his great sons and daughters, like Johnstons Gold Boy, Johnstons Gold Bar, Roan Ranger, Johnstons Starlight & Johnstons Vanilla.


      Carah's sire Reeces Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay's sire Reeces Thunder Hawk and his sire 4 G's Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure aka HAWK

      Little Kings Buckeroo Baccarra                           Alvadars Double Destiny               

Roan Ranger                                      Johnstons Gold Bar




Calypso is a 2006, AMHA (PQ) around 34 inches tall, a beautiful buckskin pinto.  Her sire is Buckeroos Top Cat.  That makes Calypso a grand daughter to Boones Little Buckeroo.  She is also a grand daughter to Schuberts Bullets Painted Splender.  Calypso has three ties to Boones Little Buckeroo and Gold Melody Boy.  She has pedigree to burn with other greats like... Little Kings Bullet Buckeroo, Little Kings Mlady Buckeroo, Komokos Little Champ, Bond Sir Galahad (twice), Bond Showboy and Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy.  Calypso has 55 registered AMHA horses in her pedigree.  Calypso is a nice mare that I plan on training to cart sometime in the future.  She is being bashful in this photo.




                 Buckeroos Top Cat


          Bond Showboy   &  Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy                                  




This very sweet girl is a 2010 bay AMHA (PQ) mare that's 31inches with nine generations of registered horses. She is around 31inches tall.  Sired by Little Kings Extreme Dream out of Raspberry Hills Princess.  Bliss has many great horses in her background to back her up like Ten L Echoes Captive Spirit who was sired by Little Kings Buck Echo.  Along with Boones Little Buckeroo, Little Kings Supreme Dream, Komokos Little King Supreme, Johnstons Gold Boy, Roan Ranger, and Gold Melody Boy four times.


Raspberry Hills Princess with baby Bliss and Little Kings Extreme Dream


Little Kings Supreme Dream & his sire Komokos Little King Supreme

Johnstons Gold Boy, Roan Ranger & Little Kings Buck Echo





Smoothie is a 1993 AMHA & AMHR 31 inch bay.  She is very sweet and kind.  Her sire is NFCS Quicksilver and her dam is Hoosier Dream Short And Sassy.  Smoothie is a great grand daughter of Dell Teras Moon Man and Fyke.



                                            NFCS Quicksilver

                    National top five halter champion and top ten senior stallion.


                                   Dell Teras Moon Man


The horses below are registered with World Class Miniature Horse Registy, Inc. and/or Gold Seal Miniature Horse Registry Corp., which has now been closed.


Candy is a bay 2006, WCMHR type B and a daughter of Sandy.  Her sire was a bay pinto by the name of Rambo, I don't know any thing about his background.  Candy is our daughter's (Clarissa) horse.   

                       4GS EQUALIZERS JO JO   aka   JOSIE   

Josie is a 1993 GSMHR & WCMHR sorrel with some roaning, she is around 28 inches tall.  She is a real nice little mare and I just love her head.  Some of her bloodlines are Dell Teras Equalizer, Dels Little Man, Sawmill Josh, Hemlock Brooks Tom Thumb, Dels Fancy Dude with lots of Four Generations breeding. 

                                                FASHIONABLE COOKIE CRUMB   aka  COOKIE

Cookie is a 2007 WCMHR black and a daughter of Josie.  Her sire is Quiet Dells Firey Thunder, his bloodlines include Sweetwaters Thunder And Fire, Ohios Bay Lady Cocoa Butter, Dels Charlie Brown, Bond Peppy Power, Bond Showboy, Sligo Sam, Fallen Ash Farms Local Hero, Komokos Bo Weavel, Komokos King Tut, Orange Light Vant Huttenest, Toyhorse Treacle, Dell Teras Lord Of The Isles and Dell Teras Buttons.  Cookie is as nicely built as her mother and every bit as sweet.