Mini Wonders Farm Of WV

Meet Our Stallions


We are very proud to announce the news of our very own special Boones Little Buckeroo son and Ima Boones Little Buckeroo Too (BTU) grandson.  We are so thrilled to become a part of the Buckeroo heritage. 



Little Kings Blanco Buckeroo


We have decided to give Blanco his own sub page with information about his sire as well. 

Reeces Buckeroos Top Cat       aka   Topper


Topper is a 2006 incredible buckskin appaloosa at 33.75 inches, he's AMHA & AMHR, and has a royal pedigree.  His sire being National Grand Champion Producer, Buckeroos Top Cat, who was of course sired by the fabulous Boones Little Buckeroo, who is a National Grand Champion and multiple Grand Champion Producer.  His mother Hylands Autumn Star also gives him another National Grand Champion, Double O Seven & A Half Moto.  Topper has Gold Melody Boy top & bottom too.  His sire sold at the Little King Farms Heritage Sale in 2003 at the age of 20 for $30,000.00, WOW!  Buckeroos Top Cat is the sire of National Grand Champion, Ima Boones Little Buckeroo Too (BTU), making him a half brother to Topper.



           BUCKER00S TOP CAT  &  Double O Seven And A Half


                                           Gold Melody Boy


Little Kings Russian Lover    aka  Lover



Lover is a 2008 palomino, around 30 inches tall, AMHA.  Our only red color based stallion!  Wow, what a pedigree this boy has, he has 73 registered horses many champions and champion producers to back him up.  His sire is Little Kings White Russuian, a double bred Buckeroo son and his dam is Little Kings Justa Love Song.  Lover is triple Boones Little Buckeroo (40.62%) & Gold Melody Boy (10.94%) bred with all kinds of other greats to boot!  Like... Little Kings Bay A Blaze, Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy, 2xs, Komokos Little King Supreme, Komokos Little Husseler, Ima Boones Little Buckeroo Too (BTU), Buckeroos Top Cat & Little Hoofs Midget Mite. 





         Little Kings White Russian who is now deceased (2013), RIP my friend!

Little Kings Justa Love Song with baby Lover, and Little Kings Bay Ablaze.


 Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy              Ima Boones Little Buckeroo Too (BTU)


Quiet Dells Born Free King      aka   Lightening

Lightening is a 2003, bay heterozygous pinto, parent qualified AMHA & WCMHR, around 34 inches tall.  His sire is Sweetwaters King & Rowdy Cross, his dam is Sweetwaters Born Free. Lightening is a grandson of NFC Rowdys Impressive and NFC Egyptian Kings Velvet Love, making him a great grandson to Rowdy and Hemlock Brooks Egyptian King, Rowdy is in his pedigree twice more with a total of 18.75%.  He has other greats like Ayers Mini Red Man three times, Ayers Mini Red Man Jr twice, Komokos Little Hussler and Komokos King Tut, twice as well, also Bond Sir Galahad.  He is our first boy, he does great.  I have tons of fun carting him down the road.  He is a willing partner with a very gentle nature.

       Sweetwaters King & Rowdy Cross




          Bond Sir Galahad                              Komokos King Tut

Komokos Little Hussler                                      Ayers Mini Red Man